To be very honest, 2015 ended in a blink of an eye. so many things had changed for me, myself, and i. okay no. i’d probably look back at the things that happened while frowning, laughing, crying, surprised, and many more feelings that the past year has made me feel. 2015 is a very special year, though. many of my firsts happened and my mind can’t even register most of it, until now. i’ve realised so many things. i realized that i’m capable of doing things that i haven’t thought that i can. i discovered things that i haven’t been seen before. and it all honestly makes me feel foreign, but i love it. that you got to experience new things. that something is urging you to do more.

hopefully, 2016 will be awesome. i can feel it, though. new moments in life to cherish and to bury on the deepest parts of my memory.

farewell, 2015.
hello, 2016!

( a late post because i forgot. rip.)


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