I’m not the type to easily forget something you said days ago, or months, maybe in years too. though i usually say that i’m forgetful as hell, which is kinda true, my brain won’t easily forget those words that needs to be remembered.  funny or not, i’m capable of remembering everything you said, but not as detailed like how you said it by that time.

i can remember you rambling about your problems, or how you loathe about your life. i can remember how you describe someone, filled with such appropriate words of praise.

whether if you’re my friend or just someone i met, please do know that i’m here for you. i’m not really great with words, i actually find myself in a situation that i’m speechless and my mind just can’t produce the right words. but i’ll be here for you and i’ll be the shoulder you can lean on. and i’m not expecting anything back because i guess that this is my purpose, the reason as to why i’m living; is to be people’s rock.


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